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Product list

Product nameOverview
Walking PlayerIt is a music player to play your songs you have automatically adjusts to the walking tempo.
Photo RubberIs the app can easily confirm photo privacy and blur, get ready by social networks intact.


2016On June 26.TakeOne room(iOS app development consultation)Opened.
2015December 18.Photo-Eraser Version2.03 has been released!
2015In October 12,.Photo-Eraser Version2.02 has been released!
2015In October 10th.Has stopped commenting on the support site
2015September 23.Photo-Eraser Version2.01 has been released!
2015September, 17th.Walking Player Version1.12 has been released!
2015On May 29.Photo-Eraser Version2.00 has been released!
201411-8 pmWeb site has been renewed
2014In October 28th.Photo Rubber Version1.10 has been released!
2014On October 26.Walking Player Version1.11 has been released!
2014On September 12,.Photo Rubber has been released!
201311-19.Walking Player Version1.10 has been released!
2013September, 16th.Walking Player Version1.02 has been released!
2013September, 8th.Improved English translation
2013On August 29.Walking Player Version1.01 has been released!
2013年8月22日Walking Player has been released!
2013年7月28日Walking Player is under construction.

Product support and Technical information