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Here is the page to let apps for iPhone 'Walking Player products and the latest support information.

[About Walking Player]

Walking Player is a music player to play your songs you have automatically adjusts to the walking tempo.

Walking Player can be downloaded from the App Store.

[Important notice]

2019On January 17.Walking Player verson1.20 has been released!
2015September, 17th.Walking Player Version1.12 has been released!
2015September, 16th.IOS 9 walking player availability(9/16Update)
2014On October 26.Walking Player Version1.11 has been released!
2014On October the iOS8 Walking player for your viewers(About the status of bugs and work-arounds)
201311-19.Walking Player Version1.10 has been released!
2013On October 7th.Failure in iOS7 on walking Player v1.02
2013September, 19.IOS 7 walking Player support
2013September, 16th.Walking Player Version1.02 has been released!
2013On August 29.Walking Player Version1.01 has been released!
2013On August 23.Music doesn't play in the play or hang from(Walking Player1.0)
2013年8月22日Walking Player has been released!
2013On July 28,.Walking Player is under construction.

[Frequently asked questions]

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2013On August 27,.I have a play and song is grayed out and cannot play?
2013On August 27,.Adjustable tempo songs sound terrible?
2013On August 27,.But I'm not fit but I'm adjusting tempo of their walking pace?

[Additional information]

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[Introduction of products]

About Walking Player

Walking Player is a music player to play your songs you have automatically adjusts to the walking tempo.

People who are walking while listening to the music is featured Super!

Was walking while listening to music until now that people who did not even try.

Walk to their favorite music and dance fun walks.!

In addition, this app uses walking beyond. Is recommended for travelers, such as the following.

  • To jogging/running

You can to adjust the playback tempo, as well as walking, jogging/running time can be used. By running according to the fixed music tempo can be used as the running pace maker. Interval can change a preset tempo with a single touch, so combined high-paced and ropes are available. Also, like Nike Running running saportapri and pedometer app can be used together.

  • To the practice of dance practice and playing musical instruments

You can practice at a slow first so you can freely change the playback tempo, tempo, and to raise the tempo little by little.

  • To the DJ MIX

Songs in the music library contains the and tempo analysis automatically, can be listed by tempo. This can easily find near the song's tempo.

System requirements

  • Compatible models


  • Fossil more
  • iPhone5s
  • iPhone5
  • iPhone4s
  • iPhone4
  • iPad Air * iPhone-compatible mode
  • iPad(2nd generation) * iPhone-compatible mode

(Probably everything but work's unacknowledged)

  • Fossil
  • iPhone5c
  • iPhone3GS
  • iPod touch(4 g)
  • iPod touch(5 g)
  • iPad(3 g) * iPhone-compatible mode
  • iPad(4 g) * iPhone-compatible mode
  • iPad mini(Generation 1) * iPhone-compatible mode
  • iPad mini(2nd generation) * iPhone-compatible mode

Person * operating check the FAA, please inform us.

(Not supported)

  • iPhone3G earlier
  • iPod touch(3 generations before)
  • iPad(Generation 1)
  • Required OS
  • Wos6.1 or more

How to use the

Usage is very simple!

  1. Download music to iPhone.
  2. And start walking Player, started playing the selected music.
  3. Select the "Walking" or "Jogging" in tempo selection button.
  4. Music walking(Or jogging)I will.

Main features

  • The tempo of the original song in your music library stored automatic analysis.
  • Play the original tempo tempo out of range if adjust the tempo.(Adjust play)
  • Tempo adjust pitch.(Pitch)Change only the tempo without changing.
  • You can selectively the tempo of the original song in the specified tempo range, to play in the original tempo.(Skip play)
  • Tempo range is predetermined patterns, can switch with one touch.
  • If tempo not be measured correctly by automatic analysis manual measurement you can correct the original tempo.
  • Play the tempo in the range of 1/2 to 2 times the original tempo can change freely.
  • Entire repeat play, song repeat playback is possible.
  • Play song list title order.(No album track order)The tempo sequence can be displayed.(Shuffle is available)
  • You can select songs from the playlists list, album list, artist list, all lists, genre, composer list as standard music player.

Limit function(Features can be unlocked in the in-app billing)

  • Ad banner appears at the bottom of the app. Allows in-app billing you can remove advertising banners.
  • The music playing in the background until the 30 seconds is. In-app billing allows unlimited background play.

Known limitations

  • DRM(Copyright protection)With songs cannot be played. If the songs purchased from the iTunes Store in 2/2012 is with DRM. Because imported from CDs or purchased from the iTunes Store in 3/2012 titles are not DRM grant can play without problem. Whether or not renewable is a free app, so the first try.

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