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Here is the page to let apps for iPhone 'Photo Rubber' product information and the latest support information.

[What's the Photo Rubber?]

"Photo-Eraser", photo privacy of overlooked parts, check with your own eyes clearly in situ image app can save and send as and removing blur and position information.
Image blurring as a handy photo sending apps help before sending external, such as resizing and cropping photos, as well as it has a very excellent feature as an app, but hey you want to process that can easily.
Please patronize it.

'Photo Rubber' you can download from the App Store.

[Past news]

Are announcement message ever received, will be contacted by a Photo Eraser "notice" screenClick hereThe lists page.

[Reference information]

2019October 1, 2016Photo Eraser's iOS13 support status(2019/10/1Update)
2019年9月30日Changes in Photo Eraser Version 3.1.1
2019September 28About the bug that the send menu of Twitter is ignored(2019/9/28Update)
2019September, 15th.Changes in Photo Eraser Version 3.1.0
2019March, 20th.Changes to Photo-Eraser Version3.0.0
201711 / 26.Changes to Photo-Eraser Version2.05
201711-25.due to the upgrade to iOS11 failure
2016September, 23rd.Changes to Photo-Eraser Version2.04
2016On July 25.Photo Eraser article(7/25Update)
2015December 18.Changes to Photo-Eraser Version2.03
2015December 18.Delete when you post from Twitter menu AppStore link automatically embedded(Specification changes)About(2015/12/18Update)
2015December 18.[Other apps]Phenomena in the internal file name is shown when you post to Twitter from the menu(2015/12/18Update)
2015In October 12,.Changes to Photo-Eraser Version2.02
2015September, 23rd.Changes to Photo Rubber Version2.01
2015March 29.How to call Photo Eraser from the photos app
2015March 29.On the Send button to a Photo Eraser
2015March 29.New features of PhotoRubber Version2.00
2014September, 26.Explanation of how to change the aspect ratio of the image and crop mode

[Frequently asked questions]

2015December 18.[Reporting] can post Tweet content automatically embedded links to AppStore website, but rather than embedding this link??(2015/12/18Update)
2014In October 28th.[Photo edit extended] call Photo Eraser from the photos app, removes date and GPS information, but shows the original shooting date and location information in the photos app. Is this okay??It is really deleted??
2014In October 28th.[Photo edit extended] Photo Eraser from the photos app called an often out-of-memory error. How to measure??
2014On September 12,.Check-Exif there are changed and the value of the original photo information, it is stored. Why does not keep the original value??
2014On September 12,.Exif check seems to remove all picture information can be removed and saved to the photo library called "shooting scene type" information is not removed, but why??
2014On September 12,.Check-Exif photo information in switch is dimmed, cannot turn OFF. Cannot delete this??
2014On September 12,.[Blur feature: why is it that blur the big picture, and suddenly become black or?

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